Nudge Global Impact Challenge Part 2

Following on the experience I shared in an earlier post featuring a fellow participant at this year’s Nudge Global Challenge I decided to follow it up with another story of a fellow participant who’s impact plan focuses on leveraging technological innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help develop decision support systems for operations & maintenance of wind turbines.

Joyjit Chatterjee
Final Year PhD. Computer Science Student-Researcher, 
University of Hull, United Kingdom

Here are his thoughts on how the challenge was for him

I am Joyjit, a final year PhD. Computer Science Student-Researcher at the University of Hull, UK. Originally being from India and have pursued my research in the UK, I have always had a passion for sustainability, particularly in helping reduce the carbon emissions we have around us across the globe and helping make our environment cleaner, greener and healthier for ourselves and our future generations. My research focuses on leveraging technological innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help develop decision support systems for operations & maintenance of wind turbines – which can predict faults in turbines in advance before they actually occur as well as provide engineers maintenance action strategies to fix/avert these faults. I have a specific focus on building AI-enabled systems which are transparent and trustworthy – i.e. explainable. My research contributes to helping reduce the down-times of turbines, potentially making wind energy a more attractive source of renewable energy for organisations and industries globally.My impact plan is directly connected to my PhD. research – but one key aspect of my impact plan was to disseminate my research to non-specialist audiences beyond academia. My participation in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge has proved to be a blessing for me to connect with people from all walks of life, from different countries, companies and universities, industry and academia etc., and I believe there cannot be a better platform to engage and network with people who share a common vision and passion for sustainability. The challenge participation has helped me build my acumen for sustainability further, while also boosting my morale and motivation that has helped me publish papers in leading journals in Renewable and Sustainable Energy (such as Elsevier’s Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Wiley’s Wind Energy etc.) as well as top conferences/workshops in AI and Computer Science (NeurIPS,KDD, IJCNN etc.). Beyond this, I have had the pleasure of communicating my work at The Good AI, a media organisation dedicated to AI for Social Good, wherein, I have communicated and disseminated my impact plan to tens of thousands of individuals who are from non-specialist audiences.This experience, overall, has been amazing for me. While it has been a virtual experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nonetheless, I have really enjoyed being a part of this prestigious forum of future change-makers and young leaders who care for our environment and for our future generations. The challenge has helped me reach out to people beyond academia and extend and disseminate my impact plan on AI for reliable wind energy to more people than I could have ever imagined! I am grateful to Nudge and all coaches, participants and everyone else (my University, supervisor, the forums wherein I have disseminated my impact plan etc.) for everything which has made my impact plan a real change-making project which I envision would help make a small positive contribution to the future of renewable energy globally” 

You can sign up and find out more about this year’s challenge HERE

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