about TON

about us

Introduction to Talents of Nairobi

Talents of Nairobi (TON) is a not for profit, online storytelling platform, on a mission to tell impactful African stories.


The TON dream is to create a sustainable storytelling platform that centers authentic African stories. Ultimately, highlighting Africans throughout the continent, engaged in work that creates impact in their societies, allowing fellow Africans to see the brilliance of the continent as well as connecting donors to projects that could benefit from their philanthropy and improve lives.

What we do

We use a combination of audio-visual and written stories, to highlight impactful work various people are doing. This ranges from personal stories to stories that touch on a wider community. Our stories are structured in a way that is not only inspirational but also prompts our audience to think of ways in which they can get involved, in the various activities we highlight to improve our communities. Currently, the stories we produce, and curate are shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


The idea of TON was conceptualized by Moses Obanda, a Nairobi based visual storyteller and eventually brought to life by both Moses and Mukulu Kioko, who now run it together.


Moses Obanda

Moses is a photographer and videographer by profession; he has a bachelor's degree in Electronic Media from Africa Nazarene University (Graduated 2014) and has now obtained over 6 years of experience in media production mainly working as an independent film-maker and photographer for his Company Obanda Photography Limited. Moses is passionate about showcasing Africa and her people in their truest form through the lens.


Mukulu Kioko

Mukulu Kioko is a practicing lawyer as well as a writer and curator at Talents of Nairobi. She holds a bachelor’s degree in law as well as a Master of Laws from the University of Manchester.
Mukulu is passionate about the decolonization of African stories, by ensuring that they are told in their most authentic sense, free from the biases of appealing to any gaze. She believes in creating a platform where African stories not covered on mainstream media can be told, and through this, hopes to contribute in the process of reshaping how African stories are told.